by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: White James @WhiteJamesMusic

Since he was in high school White James always knew hip hop was his way out the hood, next week his latest project Foo-Fop is another chapter in his book that continues to be written strong. Coming up in West Chicago 2010 was the year James began taking the music seriously, and since then there has been a few bumps in the road however the creative gears continued to grind and evolve.


To hear more of White James cutting edge style visit follow him on Twitter and IG @WhiteJamesMusic and peep the Soundcloud for continuous updates. White James has FLVR that is bringing the streets and club music together from Chicago to the rest of the US.


“2010 is when I really started to build my catalog,” White James explained. “In 2012 the things really picked up for me and now I competing with the majors I know how to balance a street level record with high energy.”

Media outlets like This is 50, The Source, Fake Shore Drive and many more are all recognizing the grind White James is on right now, and the music is speaking for itself and getting radio spins in Chicago and various mid west and east coast radio outlets. Previous singles like “Stylin'”and “Remember This Cuz I Will” were both songs that helped James get the initial buzz out a few years back, and now all the upcoming singles for the Foo-Fop drop has the Chi buzzing even bigger. Three tracks from the new record have hit single like vibes “Cho-Cha”, “Alert” and “Serenity” powering the hype toward the upcoming release next week which will be his first debut full length album available on most digital retailers.