By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist:  Viktorya @ViktoryaMusic

Versatility in music is important in today’s entertainment world, for Viktorya her versatility began before she knew her ABC’s. After moving to the Los Angeles area when she was just 3 years old with her family from Russia music has been life, not just a hobby.

“Ballet, jazz, hip hop and gymnastics,” Viktorya explained. “Pretty much been doing this since I was a child.”

She always had a life of an artist, being accustomed to countless practice sessions performing became an escape for Viktorya while today that foundation has provided her new opportunities including recently being signed to the D.M.B record label. Her ability to be an overall well rounded performer is what is getting her name out with two songs of late “It Don’t Matter” and “New Sh*t” both giving her juice in the crowded LA market where she is getting radio spins and blog love. These days her grind simulates the same grind she has while in high school, where music was such a big deal she had to do home school to keep up with her thick rehearsal schedule.

“When I was 14 I knew I wanted to do music seriously, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do,” said Viktorya. “Right around when I was 19 is when I went through the process of seriously perfecting my craft, I don’t want to sound like anyone else, but still be relevant.”

Her lane is a blend of pop music with a hip hop and EDM edge. Growing up she looked up to the likes of Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Brittney Spears and her personal favorite Madonna. Victoria’s writing ability is also a huge strength where not only does she do her own material, but is available to help other artists develop their music too. 

“I really love Madonna, really all of those artists were big on me because they did exactly what I want to be doing,” explained Viktorya. “I want to be a voice for the people.”

Going to college lasted a short time, her school is the real life of making music and developing her brand working her passion. School wasn’t for her, but treating her career like school was. Viktorya has it going on, outside of the musical side she also has the look of a future pop princess. Image is everything, she matches her ridiculous sound with a beautiful look destined for the big time. 

Victoria can be followed on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @ViktoryaMusic with her music available at she is an upcoming star that has been building her shine since wearing baby shoes, for her it is not a hobby it is the air she breathes.