by: Bryant BBOY Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: TheGAWD @TheGAWD

Being from Chicago TtheGAWD has seen many ups and downs in his city as well as endless changes within the big metropolis he calls home. After growing up in the LeClaire Courts in the Southwest side of the Chi he explained that the city has been going through a lot of new landscapes and gentrification. For example the area he grew up in is in the process of being torn down and rebuilt; a sign all too common in many inner cities in America these days.
“Right now that side of town is going through a lot of changes basically in the 80s, 90s and 2000s we had a lot of high rises, my hood was torn down around 2009,” T the Gawd explained.
The latest single TtheGAWD is pushing is called “F,H.U.F” an acronym for “Fuck How You Feel” which was produced by Classixs Beats out of Germany. The song itself has a high level beat with a commercial vibe to it, as it sounds current in todays hip hop sound also having an old school feel. T says his music is just that- a combination of the streets and getting out the streets and a reflection of the changes in his life and the city he came up in.
“My style is between the streets and the maturation of growing up out of that mindset, I am on both sides of the fence,” T the Gawd said. “My style is aggressive, direct, malefic I don’t like to pussy foot around. I like to speak reality.”
Chicago’s hip hop scene has been known for diverse styles and sounds since jump. Reminiscent of the likes of Kanye, Twista and the new cats like Chief Keef and Chance the Rapper; the whole scene in general is a mixed bag with artists like TtheGAWD adding to that on an underground level yet on the bubble for national acknowledgement. The GAWD part of his name stands for: Getting Ahead Without Devolving and with his drive to create good music as an art form, one thing is for sure there is no going backwards for this young emcee even while he watches where is from change before his eyes.
Check him out on Twitter and Instagram @TtheGAWD followed by his soundcloud TtheGAWD