By: Christafarian Myers @theflvr | Chef: Terrance Williams @cheftwill

From the comfort of his own home Chef Terrance Williams better known as “Chef T” brings you a delicious holiday meal from his heart to yours. With his (Chef by Nature) attitude Chef T brings an unique sense of creativity to his culinary creations that not only looks to challenge and please your palette but visually appease as well. This skill set finds Chef T as one of the premier celebrity Chefs sought out world wide.  


His beautiful presentations are known for their vivid colors and vibrant flavors. When asked what about these dishes are so special and significant, Chef T replied… “It reminds me of when I first started my career as a sous chef when I had to start from bottom just as the presentation of these dishes.  To be able to rise to the top just as the fishing touches of a beautiful meal, you have to learn to build your self accordingly.. and you will always be successful.”  When asked to describe how his his dishes define him, Chef T simply replied “an ARTIST”.  Over the course of his career, Chef Terrance Williams has used his gifts to give back and pay it forward. Currently Chef T., participates in a once a month Feed the Homeless event, where the entire ChefRLI Team helps SEEK, Inc. feed Miami’s less fortunate. 

With that being said, here is the art of cooking through culinary vision by Edible Art Chef, Chef T: