by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Henny B @HennyFBaby

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Chicago, female emcee Henny B started recording at the age of 17 and has never looked back. Music is her passion, and she has come a long way from recording on eight-tracks and practicing her poetry and rhyme patterns as a teenager. Even though she is still working on her first full-length album, several of her successful projects like Loud Life 1 and 2 and her EP titled Breathe Again have all helped her street cred. Chicago has been a great training ground for her music building, a city known for great music especially in the hip-hop scene.

“A lot of people here hate on each other, the scene is very competitive and gossipy,” Henny explained. “It kind of depends on what side of town you are on, but it is super fun and people are really excited right now.”

Being Puerto Rican and Dominican, Spanish music has always been a big influence on Henny’s style. She lives in an area known to be big in the Spanish community of the Chi where Spanish speaking music was a big part of everyday life. With a crossover love for hip-hop, she says tons of her friends and fans consider her to be the female version of rapper Currensy Spitta. She has a smooth delivery with a lot of energy; her latest song release “White Powder” is a beat originally made by The Alchemist and has been picking up steam on blogs everywhere – it can be heard here: