by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Tayrie @DJTayRie

From teaching second grade students to rocking stages playing in front of huge crowds, this is the life of DJ Tayrie. Her passion for music as a DJ runs deep. Since day one while growing up in South Texas music was always apart of her life playing the piano, the clarinet, while also singing in a neighborhood choir for years.

“I really started off DJing as a summer hobby, ” Tayrie explained. “It came pretty easy, it was not hard to learn for me at all. I have been doing music my whole life already. I figured I could do it for a living”

After graduating from University of Texas Pan-American she took a job as a teacher before her career in music took off on a bigger scale. In 2011 Tayrie began focusing exclusively on DJing leaving teaching behind after she realized she could make a legit career strictly following her passion for music. Since then, the journey has been busy with corporate events, festivals, club/show appearances and anything where people are partying, in her back yard of McAllen,Texas as well as several other cities in America. Her main consistency has been being able to flourish in her ability to adapt to EDM, Hip Hop and Latin dance music audiences. All crowds support the way she plays, and her travel schedule is stacked as she gets ready for a busy 2015 summer. “Later this year should be my first gig in Mexico,” said Tayrie.

“Every genre speaks to me in a different way, and in my opinion, as a DJ you should never hinder your creativity by sticking to one particular style.”

Make sure to peep DJ Tayrie’s page on www.soundcloud/DJTayrie and follow her progress on Twitter and Instagram @DJTayRie she’s making it happen with mad FLVR.