s the NCAA tournament begins today, the Orange of Syracuse will be sorely missed.

Syracuse imposed penalties on itself and banned itself from the NCAA tournament this year. But, the NCAA wasn’t done with the Orange, and the big-bad watchdog came down hard on Syracuse.

List of penalties assessed to Syracuse:

* 108 wins vacated…Moves Boeheim from 2nd to 6th on the all time wins list.

* Loses 12 scholarships over the next four years.

* Boeheim will not be allowed to coach the first nine ACC Conference games next season.

Man, that’s harsh….


So, why exactly did the NCAA come down so hard on Syracuse?

How come North Carolina is playing in the tournament this year when some suggested the program should get the death penalty.

This morning, Jim Boeheim held a press conference addressing all the charges and firing back at the NCAA by announcing he will appeal the decision.

“Everything is serious, there is no excuse on everything but academics is the most important thing, I think we can all agree, and we had one case of academic fraud in ten years,” Boeheim said.

The one case of academic fraud seems to center around former player, Fab Melo.