By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Joey Kash @Joey_Kash

Since his teen years Joey Kash has loved everything about hip hop from performing to writing today his independent grind is now paying dividends. After years of practice in homemade studios right after high school is when the focus increased with projects and lots of live shows.

“It took me a while to find a steady studio, it was hard to find a solid place back then,” Joey said. “I got comfortable when I was around 20 years old when I put out my first mixtape that I just gave to friends and started pushing on the street.”


His first album dropped in 2013 called Kashtro and it gave him a solid platform that grabbed attention from fans and promoters which directly got him slots on big shows with artists like Red Cafe, Corey Gunz, Smoke DZA, San Quinn and T Nutty. Earlier this year his sophomore release Paid the Cost featured 15 tracks of heat all produced by Rob Skeetz, which achieved a large amount of underground love. Mr. Kash says he likes to have a bond with his producers, it makes his work more organic. The same reason on his latest record he only worked with one producer on the entire project.

“I don’t like working with producers I don’t know,” explained Joey. “You make your best music with people you personally vibe with and know personally. Not just beats someone emailed you.”


In between his last release Joey hasn’t wasted any time putting out more music. In just the last several months he has put out fresh music to help keep him relevant while also holding his fan base over with something new to bump. Two tracks that stand out include “Gotti Wear”, and “2SeatChevy” both of which can be heard at these cuts make it clear in his music that he spends time developing the sound with sharp crisp bars that flow within the beats. This young artist is not to be missed, there is something special with his energy that is easy to spot: hard work, dedication and a focus on being original.

“I’m trying to put out music even more, but I am really taking my time on it,” Joey said. “I want to put out music that will be a classic to me.” Make sure to follow Joey Kash on IG @Joey_Kash and on Twitter @JoeyKash as he continues to grow as an artist that stays true to his values of making quality music. Its rare these days, but Joey plans to Kash out.