by: Diva Dez @ilove_dez | photos by: The FLVR Staff @theflvr

Fitness FLVR of my week goes out to this booty burner right here. #SumoSquats !! Not only does this trigger your Glutes, but it also targets your and hamstrings as well ! Here’s how it works: start off standing in a wide stance squat position, behind your DB or BB equipment, just like a sumo wrestler would (; then, you pick up your weight by “deep” squatting down with a flat back, to start the that sumo FLVR

To create that perfect sumo squat, wide squat down (holding the weight in front of you) and then come back up, ending in a glute squeeze. You want that last booty burner chickas, so squeeze that walnut as you’re comin’ up! Feel and love this burn!