By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Slightly Flagrant @SlightlyFlagrant

They beat to their own drum with a humor that speaks for itself. Slightly Flagrant is exactly just that, hilarious with skills that are creating their own lane in today’s hip hop scene.

They don’t care if you don’t like them, they like them. What makes them distinct is the style they have that pokes fun at the game and has a joking Eminem type vibe to it blended with the newbies reflective of the likes of a Dirt Nasty or a Lil Dicky. They have fun in their music and aren’t all about typical hip hop standards, they are unique to who they are as people.


The hip hop tandem is two guys Taane Jr. and Kwabe Macntaj who grew up playing football together at Liberty High School in Renton as teens, but lost touch and reunited a few years later. In the last year in a half they have been ripping shows and putting out a brand of music that is catching ears throughout the northwest and spreading fast.

“I got expelled and I didn’t see Taane for like four years,” Kwabe explained. “I randomly ran into him at an AMPM and was like lets get into the studio. We used to ride around smoking and freestyling for years that is the basis of our relationship. We were pot heads that loved to rap.”


Slightly Flagrant has been involved with many shows the last 15 months or so as eye popping openers for lots of big shows that include Lil Debbie, Dead Prez, The Luniz and Tech N9ne to name a few on the short list. The impact they have made on fans from stage presence to well designed merchandise has been the everlasting effect that is giving them the moniker of artists to watch out for in the Seattle area rap scene. Currently they are gaining momentum for their new record set to drop on January 2nd titled Slightly Flagrant EP which will have 15 new tracks produced by a mix of Qreepz, DJ Levitate, Dee Lyle and Taane Jr himself. The fan base they have built up is pumped for the new record as the bookings and radio shows keep adding up.

“We purposely use popular trendy beats and cadences and flip them our comedic favor to basically use it as a platform for anyone ignorant or not to listen to,” said Taane Jr. “Its really a huge part in our branding we use the crippled state hip hop as our crutch to get our true message out.”


The first project they released Kwabe Macntaj and Taane Jr. are Slightly Flagrant pushed a lot of boundaries and got them the attention they needed to elevate into a respected group on the up and coming scene. With an innovative style that is obnoixesly fresh and refreshing all at the same time, people are gravitating toward their style they represent. The song and video that helped them first burst into the scene was “Golden Tate” that was filmed in San Fransicso during the Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII run in early 2014, a pretty flagrant move might we add, and since then they haven’t looked back and have been building with the new album promising heat.

“Expect the unexpected a real classic album with skits and 15 tracks the whole sha bang,” Taane Jr said. “The humor will be ratchet and the flagrancy will be undeniable.”


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