By: Bryant B-Boy Worthing @bboyworthing

The term the good die young took true on the news of Risk One’s recent passing, a true good hearted person whose talents as a DJ, graphic designer and producer were noticed from coast to coast and world wide. Born Marques Lewis he grew up running track and a big fan of music. He went to college at the University of Washington and started DJ at house parties to get his foot in the door of the antler competitive industry, and he never looked back. It all started with an eight week DJ class he took as a senior at Bellevue High School at a local teen center.

He blew up from the ground up and now the music industry has made it known he will be missed as social media’s and blogs alike everywhere have saluted his legacy. 


In early 2015 Risk was diagnosed with a rare bladder cancer where the complexities of the disease took him though various treatment situations and a hard fight since it started that ultimately ended up taking his life. Originally from Seattle, WA Risk relocated to San Francisco, CA in 2010 where his career leaped forward and was well known and booked often by mega clubs in the Bay Area along with several other major cities across the states that include Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington DC and even visiting China. Risk first reached high levels of popularity as a member of the Crooklyn Clan. In 2012 Risk beat 32 other DJs to win the McDonalds Flavor Battle competition that included a nice paycheck. A prestigious award that was literally just a part of the greatness he was on his way toward. 

Risk One coined the phrase “Just A Little Bit Better than Dope” and as his spirit lives on his dopiness will always be remembered and loved. Legends never die the FLVR salute is large for his special talent, and one of the most special things about Risk was how kind he was, even while he was on the top of his game he always spent time working with upcoming DJs with a humble attitude shaking hands and making friends.

Take a look at the blog Risk authorized while he fought the deadly disease:

My Complete Story of DJing, Building a Creative Agency, & Inner Thoughts About Battling Cancer | Beat The Cancer Up