by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | photos: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | DJ Revolution @DJRevolution 

Decades in the game DJ Revolution has a thick resume and great advice for any upcoming DJ’s.

“DONT become a DJ, become a musician.” Revolution explained. 


Basically saying, do not be a one trick pony, DJ Revolution lives by that and his multiple skills set has kept him relevant since he first got serious in music all while being a major influence on some of the top artists in the game from yesterday and today.


As a teenager he found some old equipment in his grandfathers attic hooked it up and never looked back ever since. Rev has been well known for his years of contributions to the Sway and Tech’s Wake Up Show on Shade45 and his syndications on Los Angeles’s Power 106. He also masterminds the production on his own compilation records and remixes having released a few of his own LP’s that were billboard charted. Revolution is also known for his technical ability and ridiculous scratching skills. As one of the top DJ’s in the world, Rev is known for countless parties and mixtapes on a list that goes miles long. His live performances at nightclubs has kept him well traveled nationally and abroad.  He is not only an entertainer on the wheels that not only gets a party live, but amazes people when he showcases his scratching and blending style commonly getting crowds to roar in awe.


Check out DJ Revolution’s work via and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @DJRevolution his FLVR is timeless and he is a professor of the DJ game. Think of your favorite DJ, then think of him as better than whoever that is, he dropped some jewels with us in a quick convo:

Q) When did you first know you wanted to be a DJ?

A) When I was about 15. I had been messing around for a few years with it already at that point. When I was

15 I had figured out a lot of the technical aspects of the basic equipment set up, sound and how things were done. From that point

it was just about the music and wanting to be great while I immersed myself in the Hip Hop music scene and culture.

Q) Who were your main musical influences coming up?

A) Jazzy Jeff. DJ Premier. Quincy Jones. Miles Davis. Herbie Hancock. J Dilla. Mantronix. Eddie Van Halen. Jimi Hendrix.

Mozart. Beethoven and other insanely gifted artists who rose to success based on the imperial

level of talent they possessed and the elite level they functioned on.

Q) Name a few of your favorite events you have been apart of.

A) The wake up show is a 15 year plus event for me that continues to encapsulate many things

that have been amazing. Nothing tops it. However performing for 50k people in Bogota, Columbia after doing 2 days of up close and personal DJ workshops was pretty dope. Recording in the red bull studios in Sao Paolo Brazil with so many talented

MCs was unreal. Couldn’t understand the words per se, so I strictly paid attention to the pocket and flow

of the raps over my beats. DOPE!

Q) What is the best advice you give an upcoming DJ?

A) DONT become a DJ. Become a musician.

Q) How many more years do you see yourself putting in?

A) As many as it takes to achieve my goals. Of which many still remain.

Q) Outside of music what are some of your passions and hobbies?

Raising my kids to succeed in life is my biggest passion, but Im into fitness and challenging myself

physically. Im also a huge TV series and film fan to the point where its obsessive. Staying

up on technology in all its forms is a big part of my life as well.