By: Bryant BBOY Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Raevyn Rain @Killa_Rain | Photographer: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | Hair & Make-up: Zuri @zuri_crave_206

Music and modeling are her passions and Raevyn Rain puts her best foot forward with each shoot or studio session. Growing up in the Northwest between Portland and Seattle Raevyn has never been scared to get on a plane and adventure into foreign territory currently living in Houston while working on her EP titled Rain.

“At heart I am an old school R and B lover, now a days R and B is just not the same,” said Raevyn. “I would want most to mirror the sound of Aaliyah I want to be closer to that type of sound.”

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For the last year and a half she has been modeling mixed in between her music endeavors even spending some time in Los Angeles and Las Vegas working with the creative director Frank Gaston and the prominent body paint artist Poncho. Frank has done music work with big names like R Kelly and Beyonce and is currently working on a reality television show with Kelly Rowland, the time she spent with him was valuable and she says it taught her a lot.

“Frank is really an honest and straight forward person, he is one of the most blunt people I have ever met in my life,” Raevyn explained. “It was good because he gave me insight and became a mentor we still keep in contact.”

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On the modeling tip her ethnic background of black and puerto rican compliment her amazing curves which would make a camera smile if it had lips, she looks good naturally with a sexy smile and long pretty hair. Her portfolio is growing which is why her booking calendar is busy as all hell for Summer 16. The time spent with established people of their respective professions gave her steam to push toward her music and modeling goals all of which continue to get bigger while her exclusive shoot with FLVR showcased her skills front and center. But still, she says music is her number one hobby and priority right now.

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“Music is my passion, but once I take off with that I want to get into acting, I want to do it all,” said Raevyn. 

Make sure to follow this FLVR of the Week on all social media links @Killa_Rain (Instagram), @RaevynRain (Twitter) and @KillaCUERVA on (Snapchat) she is on the come up as a professional and indeed looks good doing it.