Writer: Bryant Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: B. Cole @bcole206
Following up with B Cole on a previous story we did with him last summer it is only right to re visit considering how hard this young man works on his craft. The latest single “Packs” is the track continuing to power the new record as his music keeps evolving. The record release for Riches Define Hustle is coming up fast on the calendar set to drop on June 20th which will be available on all digital retailers as well as some hard copy locations.
The “Packs” song is inspired by the legal marijuana movement in the state of Washington. The laws of the Evergreen State, since 2012, allow the creation of a licensed and regulated system with marijuana production and distribution controlled by the state’s liquor control bard. Washington was the second state in America behind Colorado to get these types of laws passed though several new states have garnered those luxuries since then. One of the top recreation shops in the state hails from Bremerton, Washington called Destination Hwy 420 who partnered up with B Cole for the latest visual and even filmed the music video at the shop location.
“We thought it would be good considering the subject matter of the song,” B Cole explained. “We wanted to showcase the legal side of marijuana the side that the pacific north west is about right now.”
The video was produced by Antoine Hayday and has generation progressive buzz toward the final album drop, one of the notable things about this collaboration is showing two elements coming together to promote both sides, music and legal weed. B Cole is independent from any major label representation however is apart of the True Indy Management (www.trueindymangement.com) led by Prezwell Jackson who helps facilitate deals like this particular one with the Destination Hwy 420 dispensary. The Bremerton chronic hub serves a huge community while B Cole also continues to beat the pavement pushing his record, definitely a creative tag team that shows a great business collaboration all around.
“They have the top shop in the Bremerton area, greta product everyone knows about them,” B Cole said. “They are very welcoming and very professional with some of the best bud tenders around.”
Check out the 502 retailer’s website http://www.destinationhwy420.com/ and make sure to check out B Cole on IG and Twitter @bcole206 as the journey continues with new moves always on the horizon.