by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing

Personality goes a long way and so does being beautiful. For Stephanie Tejada both come naturally proving why she is a rare commodity in the modeling world, oh and she can dance like a champion too. Currently Stephanie resides in Orlando, FL where she is regular performer as one of the cities top go go dancers at several area clubs.

Imagine being on a fly chic’s Instagram and one picture is her in a two piece with resting bitch face, then the next is a hilarious video; well thats Stephanie in a nutshell.

“I have countless home video’s of me clowning growing up. Me impersonating people and cartoon characters thats always been me,” Stephanie explained. “I love youtube comedians my favorite is Jenna Marbles. And of course I love the classics like Jim Carey and Will Farrell.”

Her ethnicity is Peurto Rican and Guatemalan giving her an exotic look people and publications love. Outside of being in numerous publications like Black Men’s, Lowrider and Show magazines Stephanie’s go go dancing career has taken off not only in Northern Florida, now she is getting bookings on both coasts being apart of big events in cities like Las Vegas and Philadelphia. Make sure to visit her site also follow this FLVR of the week on Instagram @StephanieTejadaa and @StephanieTjada on Twitter to enjoy the view and the hilariousness!