By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Ryan Caraveo @RyanCaraveo

Photographers: Sam Cahil, Kelly Mason and Jeremy Miller.

After putting out his debut album in December 2014 titled SWINGS the grind has been getting more serious by the day for Ryan Caraveo with 2016 looking real promising. From being a local opener to headlining his own shows being dedicated to his craft as been the answer for his come up in the music scene across the country. This Friday January 15th he is on schedule for his biggest show yet at Seattle’s Neumos on Capitol Hill and for Ryan the irony of it amazes him.


Ryan Caraveo’s sound is original he sings and raps with rhymes that are commonly about real life situations he has been though, a key ingredient while he’s been making a name for himself. The marketing is organically done by continuously putting out high quality tracks and not resting on his craft. His newest EP Happy Now which followed up his first record comfortably has helped his momentum of staying relevant. One of the key songs that has helped propel his notoriety is “Paradise” from SWINGS which was published on YouTube last February and currently has 253K views and counting.

“The Paradise song has been the driving force for what we are trying to do, people all over the country have been latching onto it,” Ryan said. “All this attention has been generated from Pandora it pops all over it and people been finding it there.”

Today as he prepares for his biggest show yet he is also releasing the track “Like We Own This Place” available on all digital retailers. Not only is it great timing for his promo leading up to the event, but it is another sign of his strategy being true and real.


“It is one of my favorite songs I have ever recorded,” Ryan added.

Growing up Ryan spent time moving around with his father who was in the military so in grade school he experienced living in places like Santa Rosa, California, Topeka, Kansas and Petalluma, California before eventually settling back in North Seattle and graduating from Ingraham high school. An avid supporter of the Seattle hip hop scene growing up going to tons of shows artists like Greyskull, Blue Scholars and Grieves were all big influences on his love for music. Now they all know his name as well.

“I went to a different school in a different city from 4th grade to 9th grade it really helped me understand communicating with people and adapting to people,” said Ryan. “In terms of music it helped me learn what people want from me, not that I am trying to cater to them but still.”

This young talented artist has done things the right way by building his fan face with footwork and high quality music, his passion for doing what he loves has been the major key for his growth. Although he is just getting started this is a big week for him with Neumos this Friday being another sign of how far he has come. Make sure to follow him @RyanCaraveo on Instagram and Twitter and also on Soundcloud at its only a matter of time before he is on the next level, he’s already shown thats the direction he is targeting.