by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | photos: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | Norris Frederick @norrisfrederick

Growing up in Seattle Norris Frederick was always a natural athlete and very competitive with his siblings, that spirit has propelled him to an Olympic level athlete that continues to train toward the 2016 Rio de Jinero Olympic games next summer. In high school Norris elected to go to Roosevelt High while his older brother Anthony Shears went to Nathan Hale, a rival school, strictly because he wanted to compete again him just like it was the back yard at home, a mission he accomplished with a decorated career that included five state titles three in high jump and two in the long jump. He wanted his own identity as an athlete, crazy part of it all he was originally going to go the University of Washington on a basketball scholarship, but he opted to stick with track after graduating in 2004.

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Since becoming pro it has been a long journey for Norris as a member of Team USA which includes three 3 bronze medals on the indoor side, being the third best long jumper in the entire world. While coaching camps and continuing his training in the back of his head he keeps in mind the last Olympics. In 2012 he missed the cut to be involved with the long jump team by a matter of simple inches, although he was invited to still go to the London on the alternate team he declined citing “he wanted to feel like I really earned it”. However he is working relentlessly toward the 2016 games and this time he will leave it all on the field while doing so, this is Norris Frederick’s full time job and dream since a child, days off are next to none and he is okay with that.

“I wanted people to say he did that himself,” Norris said about passing on the 2012 alternate team invite. “I wanted it to be authentic, I am keeping my focus this is a 24 hour a day job.”

Next summer no one will be surprised when Norris makes the trip to Brazil, however he knows he has to a lot of work in front of him since being a track pro athlete is opposite of the glamorous life of a football or basketball pro athlete. Visit to learn more on an athlete that has not only made history, but is just getting started.