By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Nova @novakid_music

For the last two years and some change Nova has been ripping and running while building his career in hip hop which is taking strides toward more and more greatness. Currently he has two notable projects both titled Alignment with one being a mixtape and the other being an actual album, the key track that is turning heads for his music is “Fairytale” a song that poses the question: if you had three wishes what would you do?


“I ask what you would do if you could change the world, your love life and yourself,” Nova explained. “But you really can’t change anything in the world if you can’t change yourself first.”

In several months the success of the Fairytale single, produced by Ric and Thaddeus, has been more than decent for Nova, currently with over 1,500 purchases on iTunes. Building on the momentum of the last record Nova has been pushing hard to get live shows and appearance on big platforms, which has been working with bookings piling up. The last few months have been big for his blossoming career by performing at the Def Jam event in Los Angeles on New Years Eve followed by a quick trip to Vegas a day later to open at Dria’s in Las vegas for a big show with DJ Khaled and Snoop Dogg.

“I have been traveling a lot, always on the road heading to Atlanta next,” Nova said.


The next trip to the ATL is huge for Nova who now is showcasing his music stepping up another notch giving him the opportunity to shop his record to different outlets. Atlantic Records and T.I.’s label Grand Hustle will be on the table on the upcoming visit while also working with Big Herb from the GH label exclusively. The good sounds of the Alignment series is a big part of Nova getting this attention, Big Herb is also producing parts of the upcoming album coming out in June called Pay You with My Life which is scheduled to be a banger for the summer.

“Basically what the record explains is a time in my life in chronological order of when they took place,” Nova said. “It really got my fans more in touch with who the real Nova is.”


Originally form Visalia, California in the central part of the state, Nova is now pushing his music across America and definitely receiving well deserved attention with a rhyme style that tells great stories with a real OG hip hop vibe. Nova also spends time co writing project for various well known emcees he chooses not to name, but just know he’s good with the pen. Make sure to check out his Soundcloud and make sure to follow him on Twitter @Nova_mdms and on Instagram @novakid_music where all his journey is documented well.