By: Bryant BBOY Worthing @bboyworthing | Model:Niamyah Warner @camboonpoint | Photographer: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | MUA: Alexis White @ladylex206

A natural athlete since her childhood Niamyah Warner has been heavy into basketball while growing up and today she crosses over in a different way with music and modeling. She was born in Chicago, Illinois then her family moved to Olympia, Washington when she was very young and created a new life in the Pacific Northwest. In high school Miss Warner was a force to be reckoned with at Timberline High School where she was all conference at the point guard position.

“I’ve been hooping since I was six years old. In middle school is when I starting getting competitive teams,” Niamyah explained. “Leadership is a really big thing, being a team captain as point guard has really helped me I try to set my own examples for things. Basketball definitely taught me leadership and teamwork.” 

Niamyah has an exotic mix of Black, Cambodian and West Indian and her modeling career is still in its early stages having done just over a dozen shoots on paper, but her potential is very high as her look as so many lanes it can cover. Her shoot with The FLVR was a solid example of the places she is going, lets just say we were glad to get her now before she explodes heavily onto the scene.

“Doing shoots is my way of getting my face out there and trying to be a role model in some ways,” said Niamyah. “I like when people watch me.”

Music is also a major key in Niamyah’s life as she grew up around the industry where her father was an audio engineer who did countless tours over the years playing piano and drums. Miss Warner is studying at the Seattle Academy of Recording Arts currently working toward her audio engineer degree herself. 

“I love the music making process of all kinds of music,” Niamyah said. “I write a lot right now, but I have never laid anything down just yet.”

Make sure to follow this young talent on Instagram @camoonpoint as her journey in music and modeling is just getting started with endless possibilities on the horizon. Her FLVR is major and she makes it look as easy as a lay up.