Artist: Sean Mula @theseanmula | by: Bryant B-Boy Worthing @bboyWorthing

Originally from Westwood, Massachusetts Sean Mula has always focused on being multi dimensional as an artist and as a person. After making music for close to the last decade Sean has a strong variety in influences from the likes of Kanye, Sublime and Eminem all of which helped give him his own personal original touch to his sound.

Currently studying at Northeastern University in Boston with a focus on the music industry and entrepreneurship he recently studied abroad in Los Angeles for a program where he worked with Dash radio. At Dash Sean hosted his very own show called The Kick Back focusing on featuring new music and exclusive interviews with the artists. His east coast accent makes perfect for a radio host where many different topics get attention and of course a strong emphasis on hip hop being the main recipe.

“Being from the East Coast our voices are definitely and attitude to it,” Sean explained. “It is kind of a result of the culture itself it is very different.”

One of the most recent songs he put out is called Summertime with featured artist Dylan Rockoff is something he says he is the most proud of. Sean has a strategy behind how he puts out his music focus on mostly singles one at a time to help keep his buzz and relevancy where he wants it, not only does he write his own stuff he also produces. After spending time in Los Angeles building his personal brand and skills on the radio tip, it has helped him get more rolling back in Boston as far as show and general notoriety.

“One song at a time is how I do it and I usually take it from there,” Sean said. “I love being in the city I love being in Boston it is so much different than LA it is crazy.”

Now that Sean has been getting more stablished in several fronts he is now working on his show game building organically with house parties and venues in the Northeastern University areas while steadily putting his music out at the same time.

“It has been good it really keeps me busy I work a lot while in school and when I am in that grind it really helps my music,” said Sean.

Sean Mula has a FLVR that is one of a kind where its not about money it is more so about the love and the actual product he puts out. Make sure to check out his soundcloud and follow him on Twitter and IG @theseanmula to keep up with his latest moves, he is only scratching the surface of his potential.