Finally the DC universe has put together their first team up movie since Batman has been carrying the load the whole time. Most of the characters are relatively new to the big screen so of course there is a little flushing out they had to of the characters we didn’t know so they make sense. The beginning has a bit of action but the middle kind of creep along explaining everyone’s back-story and how the relationships work in-between them and the enemy. *Spoiler* I kind of like comics which means I prefer the “Death of Superman” idea of Superman’s resurrection to the movies version but hey to each their own. Other then that its an alright movie just feels like it was a minor threat with Superman being kind of OP compared to the threat. I enjoyed the flash being kind of a comic relief and making fun of his self plus being off just a bit. The movie is entertaining but I feel like it could have been more of what we wanted and less of the love story or explanations get to it.