By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: DJ Earn Money @DJEarnMoney

Getting ahold of DJ Earn Money is not necessarily difficult, but the man is truly on his music grind that includes a lot of traveling and studio time. After several calls and text messages we finally got him on the phone fresh off a gig in Whistler, Canada.

“My bad man when I do music, I don’t even be looking at my phone.” Earn Money explained.


Tip of the FLVR hat to this cat, the reason he has been successful in his career is example A: FOCUS.

Growing up in Chicago’s South Side Hyde Park area DJ Earn Money was highly influenced by his grandfather when they lived in the Robert Taylor projects. His grandfather was a part time back up singer for the Chi Lights and ran a DIY (do it yourself) record shop out of their apartment. This is where Earn Money learned to earn money, no pun intended, because gramps showed him the technical recording skills needed to produce and create music as a DJ. Has a kid he would take a bunch of songs and mash them up on tapes and CD’s and literally slang them in the neighborhood.

“It took me a while to realize I was actually making mixtapes,” Earn Money explained. “But now these days people that consider themselves fans are more into my art. It is more than just music.”