By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Middle Finger RMX @MiddleFingerRMX

DJ DNA and Seannacy have joined forces as co producers for a group called Middle Finger with a mission of emerging several different genres including classic 90s hip hop and trap music with an EDM swag to it.

Similar to how Scrillex and Jack U have been front runners in the electric dance music scene Middle Finger has a vibe that is remincent of that by remixing cuts from old like Onyx’s “Slam” and Outkast’s “Dopaliscious” and even new joints like Drake’s “Trophies”. The Trophies mix took off heavy getting love from several music outlets including play on Los Angeles’s Power 106 with DJ Felli Fel while also charting on, in only a few months Middle Finger is on the rise with a cold style far from average.


“It was crazy when we did the Trophies remix, because there were no trap remixes at the time,” DJ Seannacy said. “We knew it was going to be hot we really liked the horns in it, our goals are to get on the level of doing big shows and festivals.”

Seannacy has been DJing since 2010 while DJ DNA has been involved in music for 15 years plus. While both guys are originally from Northern California Los Angeles is now the main location where they put in work constantly in the studio working on the next hot track. Middle Finger is laying a solid foundation by taking 90s tracks and blending them with 2015 tracks with a twist, basically bringing two separate age groups together through sound and music bridging the generational gap.