Matt Cali is as a DJ, music designer, producer, and recording artist living San Francisco, CA who has been developing his craft since childhood. When he graduated middle school he asked his parents for a gift of DJ equipment and it was a worthy investment as he grinds full time in club scenes today. As a high school student growing up in the Sacramento area he DJ’d high school gigs to make money which began his love for the business side of music never to look back.

“I basically did every event at my high school,” Matt Cali explained. “Proms, dances I made thousands in high school it was dope.”


Since he came up in the early 2000’s Matt earned his stripes playing with vinyl, which gave him a foundation early on his career to know basics of the DJ game propelling him in today’s market where he thrives in Northern California and beyond. The early stages of his career he was more mixtape driven, while he still does those he also focuses on solid remixes while holding down residencies and traveling when called upon. Being able to spin to the EDM crowd as well as the hip hop audience, his versatility speaks volumes.

“I can play everything which is why I still have a career,” Matt said. “I grew up on record pools and a member of the last generation to use vinyl, I miss those days.”

Priding himself on work ethic, technique, and versatility Matt Cali has become a thriving talent as an open format DJ in the San Francisco-Bay Area music scene. Spinning in the regions top nightclubs and at private social events, Matt Cali has gained recognition as one of Northern California’s most eclectic DJ’s, he keeps a party lit at all costs.


With a career in the music industry spanning over 10 years now, Matt Cali has produced and performed with the industries elite with up and coming artists from all over the world, which has created opportunities to grow his musical talent and exposure.

For more info on Matt Cali follow him on Twitter @MattCali you can also visit and his soundcloud page he has a FLVR that is one of a kind since starting from the bottom.