Model: Jasmine  @jasminebeautyy24 | Photographer: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | MUA: Alexis White @ladylex206

We had the pleasure of shooting this lovely Puerto Rican & African-American model a couple weeks back and finally got a chance to catch up with this incredibly busy US Army Servicewoman / Professional Dancer/ Super Mom for a quick Q&A on how she got started in the industry to her ideal first date.  Take a minute and get to know our FLVR of the week a little better.

Name: Jasmine 

Height: 5’1’’

Birthday: May, 25

Occupation: US Army Servicewoman & Professional Dancer

FLVR: So, Ms Jasmine, where are you from?

Jas: Orlando, Florida – born and raised.

FLVR: That’s wassup, so how did you get started in modeling?

Jas: I’d say through my dancing really, having to take headshots and other shoots for dance got me in front of the camera where I found another form of expression and couldn’t get enough. 

FLVR: So we got the how, but what’s the when and why you got started?

Jas: I got serious about modeling about 6yrs and i’ve been dancing since I was like 4 years old, tap, jazz, ballet, modern etc. –  my parents invested so much into me with dance classes, recitals etc. I might as well use my talents to get money! 

FLVR: I know that’s right, get your Monies! So what do you find fun and rewarding about modeling?

Jas: I like seeing the end results, the creative process working with the production team, hair, make-up, photographers etc. is all fun but there’s something about seeing that final image that just does it for me! 


FLVR: What do you dislike about modeling?

Jas: Nothing really… I mean everyone now and then you have to work with some weirdos but for the most part I just love the creative process. 

FLVR: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Jas: Be confident in yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, know yourself..oh yeah and know your angles. 

FLVR: How would you describe your style?

Jas: well i’d have to say my spirit animal would have to be Teyana Taylor, I love the flexibility of going from super girly face beat and dressed up to some thing chill like a bomber jacket, jeans and tims and kill both looks and not to mention she’s a mom so i can totally relate. 

FLVR: Modeling is one of your FLVRs but what else are you into and passionate about?

Jas: For me its art in general, really any and everything creative – from music to painting, even architecture, like someone created that.. and thats dope to me… of course make-up, I started at MAC as a make-up artist where I got my training but when the opportunity came up to join the Army I felt it was my duty to join and make a difference for my country.  But I still love it and looking to create more youtube videos to share my art.   

FLVR: What is your favorite food?

Jas: Pizza for sure, and being from the south you can’t ever go wrong with a solid soul food sunday dinner…chicken, greens, mac and cheese.. etc. getting hungry just thinking about it!  

FLVR: Me too.. ok so thats food, what about your drink of choice?

Jas: I’m simple… just get me a Henny on the Rocks…and keep em coming.

FLVR: Where’s your favorite vacation destination?

Jas: I know this sounds weird but i just like to go home… good ol Orlando.

FLVR: Nothing wrong with that when home is surrounded with warm weather, sunshine, and disney world.  So I wanted to ask for a friend but how can a man catch your eye?

Jas: You crazy, well for me good looks are always a plus and will generally catch my eye but if you come with some corny sh!t I don’t care if you are the finest man on the earth i aint going for it, I just can’t do corny and fake…I like more of the laid back humble kinda guy.

FLVR: Good to know, I’ll be sure to let my friend know… So…what’s your Ideal first date?

Jas: I like to see where the guy goes with it so i can learn more about him and what’s he’s about.  If he takes me somewhere nice just to show off i’m not impressed with that and on the contrary if he takes me to a hole in the wall but they got the best fried chicken in the city and the vibe and convo is on point I can mess with that. 

Alrighty then so models be confident and comfortable in your own skin and know your angles, apparently everyone should visit Orlando, and fellas don’t be corny, order henny on the rocks and know the best sould food spot in your city! be sure to follow the lovely Jasmine on IG and youtube and a always follow your passions and find your FLVR!

IG: @jasminebeautyy24