By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Mixxula @Mixxula

In the 80s the real original fundamentals of hip hop were birthed and since that time Mixxula has been apart of it. Growing up in Sacramento, California it was 1984 when Mixxula first got started DJing while in high school where he was influenced by popping and locking, Run DMC and the likes of the Miami bass sound.



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“I found out pretty early in the game I couldn’t dance, and I still can’t,” Mixxula explained. “You can ask around, when it comes to hip hop in Sacramento I helped start that.”

Getting involved with the radio station at El Camino High School is when Mix really got going, and for nearly the better part of four decades Mixxula is now an OG in the game where is still hold residencies in Austin, Texas where he has lived for the past eight years. He decided to move to Texas while working for Apple, the company relocated so he followed, a move he has zero regrets about and admits he loves being in the longhorn state.

“It really goes down out here,” Mixxula said. “I love networking and learning I have a solid rotation of four nights a week out here, especially during South by Southwest.”


Not only is Mixxula a man of the night life he is also a father of three. His oldest is his son is an aspiring DJ named DJ Alec McCook who is on the rise in the EDM scene. Mix has been apart of the game so long he is almost like a teacher for many including his son, he has learned the fundamentals of DJing since the days of kangol hats and adidas track jackets. His ongoing knowledge is what makes his craft so well respected from California to Texas from doing parties all the way to radio appearances.

“The music keeps me young, I stay connected to the music,” explained Mixxula. “I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I also don’t eat meat. I am trying to stay around for a while.”

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Following ones passion is the definition of what The Flvr brand is all about, Mixxula is a prime example of a person who stuck with his craft and grew his brand his own way. The skills he has developed speaks for itself while he continues to be one of best DJs in the booming Austin area. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Mixxula and check out some of his musical style at where you can see for yourself that age is nothing but a number.

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