By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: Huey P @Huey_fp

On a Sunday evening most people are relaxing getting ready for Monday, but a guy like Huey P is laying verses and working hard on his music. At a recent studio visit with the talented young emcee at the High Class studio in Seattle’s Pioneer Square he and engineers were putting finishing touches on a song that features the legendary rapper Cassidy. This specific song is set to be on the upcoming EP titled Did You Get The Message? which is in collaboration with Nipsey Hussle’s DJ VIP. While we can’t give out too many details on his upcoming projects lets just say they will be ice cold. Not just because of his affiliations, Huey has the skills to deliver big names with him or not.

“Growing up I was always into artists like Jadakiss, Joe Budden, Jay Z, Eminem and Cassidy,” Huey P explained. “It was great to get to work with an artist I have always looked up too.”


Huey P grew up all around the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area, unlike a lot of artists that claim a certain area or neighborhood he spent time in so many places its hard to name just one as a flagship, hence the name for one of his upcoming projected fittingly titled 206/253 hosted by DJ Drama. After graduating high school at Kentwood in Kent,WA Huey explained his whole childhood was spilt between South Seattle, Lakewood, West Seattle, the Central District, Tacoma, Kent and Federal Way. Being basically from so many areas it lead to one of his biggest goals to bring those elements and various personalities from those areas together in hopes to build a urban music unity, if you will, that has never been seen or heard before.

“I want to stress the fact that I am not doing it selfishly, it is a mission to spread love it is not just for me,” said Huey P. “I have a saying: I feel at home from the Dome to the Needle. That is something I have grown accustomed to know, I got best friends on opposite sides of I 5.”HueyPTheFLVR1

Growing up in so many different cities and spending time with various racial backgrounds of people is a journey that has fueled his diverse sound of clean bars and savvy punchlines. When he first hit the music scene he was with a group Fresh Preserves before focusing more on solo joints, but he still maintains relationships with his old crew. Huey spits metaphors that paints pictures for listeners that can be carried on any style of beat, which he insists will speak for itself once the big projects with DJ Drama and VIP finally drop. If a person hasn’t heard Huey P’s music, when they do one would think he is already a nationally recognized seasoned artist since he mirrors a veteran at the ripe age of 26.

Currently Huey P’s music is limited online because of a strategy he and his team are forming toward putting focus directed to the upcoming releases and solo debut, based on the fuel he spits it will be worth the look later. For booking info reach and make sure to follow this upcoming artist on Instagram @Huey_fp and on Twitter @HueyPMusic if you don’t know his name now, its cool. You will.