By:Christafarian Marley @christafarianmarley & Bryant BBOY Worthing @bboyworthing | Artist: French’e @frenchemfbaby | Photographer: Carlos Imani @carlosimani |

Originally from Watts, California French’e has been rapping since he was a 15 year old young man while today he is steadily growing his name and brand across America with all organic work ethic. In 2014 his record Welcome to French’e’s World opened up a lot of doors for him popularity wise and today his current singles “Strippin'”, “Brother” and “Me and You” are also keeping him relevant and on bills for big independent shows spread throughout the West Coast in Summer 16.

“I have a lot of music on the streets, but I was in and out of jail a lot so a lot of good music was lost,” French’e said. “We all go through trials and tribulations I used to think the streets were for me, but god had a better plan.”

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The highs and lows are nothing new for this emcee, he’s been broke and he’s been up, but those experiences are baselines for his music. Being from the mean streets of Watts French’e bounced around to legendary high schools in the area like Lynnwood, Wilson, Poly and Jordan High Schools where his hustle was built and rhyme skills were sharpened. In this day and age French is using his rhymes to not only have fun and produce party vibes, His goal is to show the upcoming generation that you can make your dreams of becoming a relevant artist in today’s music game a reality.

“I have always been a leader and not a follower type dude,” explained French’e. “Anyone that understands my life I like the real sounds, my music is uplifting ,y beats I choose are up versus being dark.”

Production is a big part of French’e style working with Eddie Paper among a strong list of others is just the beginning of the elite list of music pro’s he’s got on deck. While being underground French’e owns his own publishing and label Rascal entertainment while having ties to Island and Def Jam. The single “Brother” is launching its video soon and other projects are dropping all summer and fall this year.

“I am working on a project called Under the Influence now, but in the meantime I will be putting out these singles,” French’e said. “The sound is there I am very hands on with the streets and my fans I am easy to find online.”

Make sure to check out French’e’s label on line at and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @frenchemfbaby as he is an emcee with a message. One message that is very clear his FLVR is about hard work and dedication a formula that can always be respected. 

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