By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Yurizan Beltran @YurizanLuv

On a typical hot southern California day you can find Yurizan Beltran doing extreme workouts at The Metroflex training facility in Long Beach sweating her butt off doing crazy workouts most men have a hard time doing. However, just a short time ago she was unable to work out at all after being diagnosed with hyperthyroid which caused her to lose a lot of weight suffering fatigue and muscle weakness. Needless to say she said it sucked, and now she doesn’t take any day for granted.


“I was always athletic growing up I was into track and dance, but after I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid so I had to start from a skeleton basically and build myself back up,” Yurizan explained. “I am lucky my boyfriend owns Metroflex it helped me put on about 20 pounds of good weight.”

Miss Beltran is 100 percent Mexican who outside of the gym loves to smoke a little herb, attend baseball games, being a lightweight foodie and simply enjoying life. After spending some time dabbling with skin flicks she now spends most of her time feature dancing traveling heavy, running her online women’s botiuque ( all while training to shape her body to perfection. One of her top goals is to be an inspiration to other woman to reach their individual fitness goals, she believes in empowering others by sharing her story of recovery from being set back in life after the hyperthyroid diagnosis. Now cardio, weights and lots of squats are a regular routine with no plans of looking back.

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“I think too many women want to be Rhianna or Beyonce, but I try to get woman to be the best them they can be versus trying to be like celebrities,” said Yurizan.

Having already experienced international travel in her young career, Yurizan plans on doing more appearances within the fitness world for the rest of this year and the next. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @YurizanLuv and on Twitter @YuriLuv to keep up on her dreams that once were slipping away, now the grip on her goals is very firm.