By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Whitney Dalynn @WhitneyDalynn

Having multiple jobs and hustles in 2015 is a common thing for upcoming responsible adults, for Whitney Dalynn she works in several arenas where having fun and making a solid living at the same time is a daily accomplishment. While currently living in Los Angeles the last three years she has created a respectable resume in the modeling world, music video roles, while also bartending and hosting parties at high levels.


Her ability to network with the right people and doing it “the right way” has helped her gain a ton of momentum in a blossoming young career.

“Somethings within this industry I am just not willing to do,” Whitney said. “Honestly it really does come down to who you know and trust.”

In 2013 she linked up with the brand Two In The Shirt from her hometown of Seattle for a St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt with her image on it, which literally blew her up over night. 1000s of her shirts hit across America as her fan base and notoriety skyrocketed with Twitter mentions and Instagram posts. That situation landed her countless more gigs in a domino effect fashion rather quickly. A few magazine spreads including a Low Rider cover to go with lead roles in the Lil Wayne and Christina Milian music video “Hello” while also gracing the Baby Bash and Problem video called “Dance All Night” naming a few.