By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Tiffany Upshaw  @TiffanyyUpshaw

From endorsed athlete to model to business woman Tiffany Upshaw has cornered her profession be merging dedication and beauty. After earning her degree from Florida Gulf Coast University in communication with a minor in philosophy she also is Co-Inventor and Founder of The Scoopie at the ripe age of 26 along with her partner Jarred Allen.


The Scoopie is a scoop that eliminates the use for a paper funnel and helps transfer supplement power (protein or prep workout or even baby formula) into a container or bottle with a small spout preventing messy spills. An invention that has taken off and is carried at many nutrition stores across America. The product itself is big business at its best, a concept built from the ground up.

“It basically eliminates use for paper funnels,” Tiffany explained. “It literally is the easiest thing to come up with I am sure people wonder why they didn’t come up with it.”ScoopeFLVR1

Tiffany is a mixed race of black and white and has a look that crosses over into several audiences. She has modeled for Black Men’s, DUB Show, Flex, and has competed in numerous NPC bikini competitions to name just a few on her short list of projects. Tiffany continues to build her personal brand while also being a fixture in the music video sector, when casting calls come around in the South Florida area not having her involved would be rare. She has graced some of the most classic hip hop music videos for hits like “Pop That” and “Tap Out” while still being booked for lead roles to this day.

A fitness fanatic that throughouly knows about the vigorous grind of staying in shape Tiffany prefers to keep it simple when she wants a solid work out. These days she doesn’t need any fancy gyms or trainers, even though she has worked with both respectively, she loves to run stairs to help keep her physical appearance on point.


“I literally wake up and run my stair well,” explained Tiffany. “I build too quick so running stairs is good for training your legs. I will sprint up and walk down or side sprint up and if I don’t want heavy cardio I will lunge up. Some people just want to do stuff at home and it is a full body work out.”

Outside of the glitz and glamour Tiffany is also continuing to build her invention The Scoopie into a world wide used tool, which is catching on heavily as a staple product within the fitness community. She is also focusing on her new mission of law school coming fresh off the LSAT test and currently in the process of enrolling at Florida International University.

“2016 is going to be all about law school, my marketing company for law firms and attorneys and The Scoopie.” Tiffany said.


Tiffany Upshaw is not just another pretty face, she is redefining the game as a leader in the new world of women in business and the modeling profession to boot. Make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TiffanyyUpshaw and visit to learn more about this awesome creation which also happens to make a great last minute Christmas gift. Also check out her marketing company for law firms and attorneys at where her genius ability of business building continues to extend its reach in new avenues.

Needless to say Miss Upshaw continues to go up, bringing beauty and brains together in a way that is not seen very often.