By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Sierra Alston @sierraalston

Lots of reality shows these days tend to have a reputation of being ratchet or perhaps a simple guilty pleasure many love to watch. After being on the VH1’s She’s Got Game reality series Sierra Alston has since broke barriers and stereotypes of reality show stars by using her passion of helping others and of course being a beautiful vixen at the same tune.

“I stayed on the show for about six episodes then I walked off the show,” Sierra explained. “It helped me connect with a lot of great people in the entertainment world that is for sure.”


Being on television definitely had its perks, but Sierra doesn’t stop there. She is a woman that loves to help and inspire others to do great in life, she has a general passion for helping people in several facets that include fitness, helping the homeless and empowering woman that have fallen on hard times. Miss Alston created Eye Candy Workouts doing private work outs and online classes teaching all shapes and sizes of women not only how to get a good work out, but also how to stimulate their male counterparts.

“When I knew you could hypnotize men with body language that is what inspired me to teach woman professionally,” Sierra said. “I do multiple things from helping homeless people where I help rebuild them back into society while also helping women facing tough times with a day of pampering and a make over, I work with a lot of sponsors that also want to be apart of it.”


Alston’s Angels is basically an umbrella company that has two agendas catered to helping people going through tough times. The Hello Gorgeous project is targeted for woman specifically focusing on self transformation where people can submit a letter recommending why someone deserves an uplifting experience. A recent story included a woman named Emma who has an 11 year old daughter battling cereal palsy and epilepsy and another 14 year old daughter where taking care of her family is very challenging, her daughter that is fighting for her life is often asked by doctors to be resuscitated. A grim situation where the Hello Gorgeous project helped enabled Emma a day to herself full of pampering and dinner, a small token that went a long way for Emma’s piece of mind as she continues to fight to keep her child’s life. Sierra Alston knows how helping people like Emma with simple forms of gratitude is important in our society today.

The other side of Alston Angels is directly toward helping all genders of homeless individuals by helping them get a leg up toward being back on their feel with job training opportunities in hopes of rehabilitating people to become self efficient again.


“Brightening someone else’s day is important to me,” Sierra explained.

Born and raised in the Washington DC area Sierra is 25 percent Korean and african american, not only is she sexy and unique, but she has a girl next door smile and charm that draws people in. After high school she moved west and studied at UNLV and currently resides in between both Las Vegas and Los Angeles working on all her project which still includes modeling, professional dancing and various brand ambassador projects. Her work ethic is extreme, but she says loves the daily grind and plans to do even more in the future.

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Make sure to follow this one of kind lady on Instagram @sierraalston and on Twitter @thatsierraagirl she is not only drop dead beautiful, but also beautiful on the inside. Also her very own site will be launching very soon where all her projects will be well documented and entertaining.

Breaking barriers and stereotypes is a big part of the Sierra Alston brand, the more she breaks the more she builds and her journey is just beginning. She’s had game way before the television show and being an inspiration for others is what keeps her going.