By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Sarah Russi @Sarah_Russi

In a day and age of surgeries, implants, butt shots and whatever else you can name Sarah Russi has a natural beauty that shines in front of a photographer. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts her upper east coast accent is on point the same way she poses for photoshoots. A craft she continuously works on in preparation for her busy modeling schedule that began at 17 years old when her mother bought her a photoshoot as a gift. After her first shoot she fell in love with it and has never looked back.

“I am always working on looks and poses,” Sarah explained. “My first shoot was a regular portrait style shoot, it wasn’t sexy at all and not what I wanted to do. I looked so young back then, but now each time I feel like I am getting better and better.”


Sarah is 100 percent Italian and has now been modeling both part and full time for the past five years while also working as a bartender on the side. Recently she has decided to go full time into modeling since it is her true passion versus serving cocktails combined with the fact that she doesn’t drink much. Over the span of her career she has shot and worked with Dirty Shirty out of Atlanta, Vicissitude Magazine from Philadelphia and numerous photographer like Dan Gregory and Marc Mauro amongst others. Throughout the east coast Miss Russi is continuously making a name for herself as a natural beauty making her sought after by many. Once upon a time there was an event where she was scheduled for a celebrity boxing match with Angelina from MTV’s Jersey Shore show, but the television counterpart never showed up giving Sarah the “W” and some sweet street cred.