By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Rimanelli Mellal @Rimanelli

She took advantage of her air time, and is now expanding her role within the nightlife and entertainment industry. For Rimanelli Mellal things are coming full circle and it has been quite a ride. In 2011 the infamous reality show Bad Girls Club from the Oxygen network had its ninth season the same season Rima, a key cast member, became a household name in many circles after being on cable television.


“At the time I did Bad Girls Club I was not thinking about branding or exposure, but now I am thinking more like a business woman,” Rima said. “Back then I was wild and free, but one thing for sure it helped me gain fans and meet lots of great people.”


Miss Mellal was born in Algeria and moved with her family to Chicago when she was just five years old. The windy city has since become her home base where today she is an in-house nightclub promoter for the club called Room Seven where she coveres several duties living up to her nickname “The Turn Up Queen”. Even though the lane of being a party animal sounds fun, Rima is now finding the balance as a professional. Making money and having fun are all fine and dandy, but now she does it under control. A far stretch from smacking girls up on the classic reality show where drama was an every episode thing.

“I realized you have to control the party and not let the party control you,” explained Rima. “It is tough when you are in a position as the circle of attention and people buy me shots and party, they think it is easy, but is not. I have definitely learned to control myself and my drinking, I can’t be hung over all the time.”

Rima has done work as a model and marketing personality for many media outlets and brands alike, her beautiful look has a rare glimmer it is seductive yet approachable. When speaking to her she is real, loves to laugh and smile far from an average Instagram star that acts high saditty or pompous. She has shot with photographers like Angelo Lumas, Clif Elis, Derick G and Brian Flynn while also having a small role in the hit television series Empire when it first dropped. In addition to those highlights she also has a super sexy highly viewed video on World Star Hip Hop as a WSHH Candy feature, definitely that bad girl side that her core fanbase has come to love.


Needless to say Rima is no stranger to being in the public eye, but she says being a mother to her seven year old son Ismail is a top priority in her world these days, so the turn up queen definitely appreciates balance in her lifestyle.


“My son is everything to me, he is my inspiration. Thats why I can’t be all hung over all the time,” Rima said.


Future plans for Rima include building her YouTube channel, keeping her club poppin’ and working on another possible television deal to be disclosed later. Make sure to check the Chi town club Room7 Chicago | Unlock Your Nightlife Potential and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Rimanelli as her moves keep being made, the turn up queen is now taking being a bad girl to a whole new level.