By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Mila Rose @ModelMilaRose

Natural beauty is nothing new for Mila Rose. Her angelic look is gaining a lot of popularity in the modeling world as she continues to build her brand in front of the camera at only 21 years old. Born and raised in Aurora, Illionis Mila is 100 percent Mexican, but she could pass for many ethnicities since her look is so universal. Mila has shot with Telemundo, Sexy Magazine to name a few projects under her belt while also having done some work for Streamate. Being an established model has always been a goal of Mila’s since day one while she has aspired for greatness since an early age.


“I used to talk about it in high school a lot, but I didn’t really like my first shoot. After the second one I built up my confidence to be in front of the camera,” Mila said. “I feel like it has to be natural, if it is something forced I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it.”

Miss Rose has been in dozens of music videos not only is she eye candy, but she knows how to move outside of just shooting still photos making her a clear choice for directors in the Chicago area and beyond. She has appeared in videos like “Rather” by Duke the Beast, “Errbody” by JC, and “Hit That” by Josh K to name a few. In today’s day and age of tons of tattooed models, Mila has subtle yet sexy pieces of ink scattered around her body giving her a sexy edge as an inked girl, yet not overly done.

“I always want tattoos. When I finally got one it was small then I started getting tatted like every week,” Mila explained. “My favorite is the butterfly on my hip, it is sparkly since it has a dermal.”