by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | model: Maya Michelle @MayaMichelleRew

Dancing has been a big part of Maya Michelle Rew’s entire life, after several years of being one of Southern California’s elite go go dancers and models she has never missed a step. Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Santa Barbara, CA Michelle grew up involved in ballet, tap and jazz dancing from grade school throughout high school.


“A lot of the cheerleaders didn’t like me,” Maya explained with a laugh. “Because I was a better dancer and could jump higher than all of them.”


When Maya entered the go go dance scene she erupted into popularity fast because of her energetic ability, a beautiful curvy mix of Japanese American. She has graced stages at endless amounts of So Cal night clubs while also killing the car import scene having traveled across the entire west coast as well as Florida, Nevada, Georgia and Hawaii as a featured model. Outside of the dance scene Maya has worked with publications and companies like SHOW, Popular Demand, Performance Audio & Sound and Dynasty Series to name a few. Maya has also appeared in several music video’s with one of her favorites being a cult hip hop classic.


“It was real fun doing the Young Money Every Girl video. probably one of my favorites all time,” said Maya. “It was back before everyone really knew who Drake was, that one was a lot of fun.”

Make sure to follow Maya Michelle Rew on Instagram and Twitter @MayaMichelleRew as she continues her journey of greatness and beauty, her FLVR is no song and dance.