By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Mariah Monae @Mariah.Monae | Photos: Ruben Stunner @RubenStunner

Since she was a young teen Mariah Monae loved the glitz and glamour of the modeling world. She would clip magazine photos and watch fashion shows, always knowing it was something she wanted to do as she fell in love with the likes of Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. Originally from Tucson, Arizona she has since relocated to San Antiono, Texas where she has excelled in her hairstylist career, but has never given up on her love for the modeling scene steadily working to get better at it since the young age of 16.

“Being a little girl and seeing the beautiful models on TV or in the magazines always seemed to amaze me,” Mariah explained. “I always wanted to be ‘that’ girl so i decided to make my dreams become a reality.”

Taking her skills up a notch has been a learning process she has embraced by taking the time to study the craft. She found herself enrolling into a class taught by well known Texas model and one of her personal favorites Jessica Kylie who spends time developing models from the business side all the way down to the fundamentals of posing and wardrobe. Her experience working with Jessica was pivotal giving her the tutelage to not only raise her confidence, but also her overall skills within the modeling world.

“She spent time going over the industry from bookings to and the stuff she taught us about working with photographers,” Mariah said. “She told us about protecting ourselves in the industry learning the do’s and don’ts helping me with my posing and how a shoot is ran.”

A recent shoot with Houston’s well known photographer Ruben Stunner was a prime example of her work getting better and better. Mariah is proud to display her growth and potential and is not scared to take the time to do work, she is a student of the game who is ready to ace the next upcoming test. With a beautiful hispanic ethnic background she naturally holds a passion for anything she spends her time on, from doing hair to shooting photos her work ethic is a great example of her heart.