by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Lux @luxiboo

Lux has never been one to stay in the house. Since growing up in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, she has been a true adventurer who loves to travel, see new places, and eat all kinds of food. The great thing about her passions is that they fit perfectly in her career.

After modeling full time for five years, her Filipino and Irish look has gotten her a ton of diverse opportunities including projects with FHM, Two In The Shirt, Playboy, Zing Vodka and SHOW magazine, to name a few. On top of working with elite publications, she also hosts a lot of events around the U.S. and internationally, and has visited places like London, Istanbul, and Bangkok all in the last year.

“They usually fly me out along with a manager and a makeup artist, but unfortunately the trips are usually very short,” Lux explained. “I get to meet the promoter or the people putting on the event, and then I get to explore a little bit which is my favorite part! You will never catch me just sitting in the hotel room.”

Outside of the hustle and bustle of the modeling game, Lux has a passion for trying all kinds of great foods. One of her mentors is Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods, whom she has been friends with for a few years. If there was a dream job out there for her, it would be traveling and focusing on regional cuisine from around the world.

Make sure to follow @luxiboo on Instagram and Twitter, and also her own website,, where she has updates and her very own merchandise for fans. Her FLVR is definitely exciting.