By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Lucy Woramalee @mslucyw | Photos: Ruben Stunner @RubenStunner

Born and raised in Thailand Lucy Woramalee moved to America at 11 years old making stops in Portland, Maine and the Dallas area before settling in Houston where she is now a known model, personality and entrepreneur with a lot of FLVR.

After graduating from Mansfield High in Arlington, Texas followed by earning her finance degree at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth Lucy needed a change of pace and more freedom after growing up in a very strict household. Her upbringing was very disciplined where even her tutor needed to give her a note for staying after school for her family to know exactly where she was. She has always had aspirations of expressing herself and wanting to have fun. So she had the chance she


“On my way to Houston I met Dolly Mac and we have been friends ever since,” Lucy explained. “I literally grabbed my bag and left with her, I really did.”

Dolly Mac, Lucy’s best friend, is a young woman who is a socialite that has a solid name for herself being born and bred in H Town, she was a big part of Lucy getting comfortable in the Texas heat so to speak. That was 2011, today after a few years of getting settled in Lucy has flourished with club events, photoshoots and even starting her own men’s underwear line called Krav Him ( which has been blowing up with this week marking the one year anniversary of the brand.

“They way I looked at it was through all my social media connects that are mostly men I have about 100 thousand followers so if I can get just 10 percent of them to spend with me that could be good money,” Lucy explained. “Inventory is ridiculous trying to perfect it.”


In the modeling scene Miss Woramalee has shot for several media outlets and brands like Quest and 50 Fifty Magazine and numerous photographers from everywhere including Houston’s heavy hitter Ruben Stunner whose pictures are exclusivley featured with this post. While modeling is a great lane for Lucy she says it is not her main focus these days while building the Krav Him underwear empire.

“It is one of those things that happen for itself. You post pictures and get fans,” Lucy explained. “Everybody out here is trying to figure out who they are. It is not really what I want to do anymore, but I still enjoy it.”

Outside of the daily grind Lucy has a love for cooking and is known to make a mean thai dish, she loves to cook for her friends and knows how to make a lot of extravagant meals. Make sure to follow her on her personal Instagram @mslucyw while her growing brand can be found @kravhim and her very own foodie creation @houstonsfoodporn where she showcases her talented chef ability and even gives recipes. When asking her how she stays in shape with all the great food around her she kept it pretty simple.


“I really don’t work out much, I am blessed with really good leg muscles. I try not to eat a lot of carbs instead I have a lot of soup and eat less rice,” Lucy explained.

With her creation of Krav Him underwear, even when she’s not cooking she is still eating.

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