By: Bryant BBoy Worthing @bboyworthing | Seattle Elite Agency Model: Lorelle Billingslea @lorelleb_ | Photographer: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | HMA: Tanya Joseph @mstanyaj | Stylist: Crystal Louey @badkitty_accessories

Originally from San Diego then grew up as a teen in the Seattle and Renton areas Lorelle Billingslea was always into gymnastics giving her a solid work ethic, that same foundation has helped her career ever since as she continues to build. Modeling and doing shoots has always been a passion, but her main focus has been acting where she had a successful career with roles on children’s television shows. Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures which was on Nickelodeon and Zeke and Luther which was on the Disney network are two of her biggest projects to date.

“I like doing still photos I am really used to films,” Lorelle explained. “But that is only with a handful of people I would like to do some more.”

Recently The FLVR had a great shoot with Miss Billingslea and needless to say it went very well. She has a girl next door vibe and with an amazing smile while her fun loving attitude is something people tend to gravitate toward. making it easy for FLVR photographer Carlos Imani to capture her greatness. Her experience working with kids television shows in Southern California has played a big part of her charm and now she continues to work casting sets and various acting projects, she admits she loved working with the young generation. 

“It is really fun and fulfilling working around kids,” Lorelle said. “It was a blast because it is not so serious all the time it is definitely different for sure.” 

Her work out routine consist of spending time with a trainer doing workouts individually that help keep her body in shape and ready for the next opportunity. One of her biggest focuses is also eating healthy while infusing general healthy choices all of which help keep her mind and body on point which is essential for her line of work being in the greater Los Angeles area full time.

“I try to do three days a week with my personal trainer on the beach that has really been helping me a bunch,” said Lorelle. “Fruits and vegetables are a regular things, but I can pretty much eat whatever.”

Make sure to follow this talented young lady on Snapchat @Lorelle47 and on Instagram @lorelleb_ where she stays active building her craft and often operates with a natural smile on her face. Good vibes are easy to come by when in the presence of Lorelle Billingslea she a natural talent with a great road ahead.