by: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | photos: Carlos Imani @carlosimani | model: Kyesha Marie @KyeshaMarie

When she turned 21, Kyesha Marie started taking modeling seriously, and needless to say it has started to get very serious in just a few short years. For the past few months she has been traveling around the United States shooting with big name publications such as Show, Stack, Stunnaz, and Black Men Magazine. While doing a recent shoot with The FLVR, she told stories about the grind and how comfortable she has been in front of a camera while following her modeling passion.

“I try to out-beat myself every time I do a shoot; I try to outdo the last shoot each time,” Kyesha explained. “I like the aftermath of shooting. I like making art. It is like an adrenaline rush. When you are passionate about something, it really is like a rush.”

Being athletic comes naturally for Miss Marie. Growing up in the Tri-Cities, Washington area she was heavily into softball and cheerleading, where fitness and appearance were both very important. Her perfectionist attitude started at an early age, making it a little bit easier to maintain her routine and diet as an adult. Her vigorous work out routines include a lot of cardio and dead lifting, where she peaks out way above her own weight at 175 pounds.

Her ethnicity is mixed with Italian, French, Irish, and Black, giving her a unique appearance that photographers love. Her versatile look helps her land a diverse group of publications seeking her talents. Naturally she kills each and every one of them with her confidence and beauty.

“I am not shy at all; I really am a nudist. My people on Snapchat love me, real talk,” Kyesha said.

Be on the lookout for Kyesha Marie and follow her on her social media channels to keep up with the cool happenings and fly photos. Her FLVR is on the rise – you never know where she will be or who she will be shooting with next.

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