By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Kristal Solis @KristalSolis

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas Kristal Solis started modeling during high school and has been in several big name publications since. For several years after being highly respected by her peers and the entire industry she has taken her beauty in another direction to help other ladies be beautiful themselves as a hairstylist at Boutique Day Spa and Salon in Houston.


“I love making women feeling feel beautiful,” Kristal explained. “Growing up in Fort Worth I went to a technical high school where we learned trades and I learned how to do hair. I fell in love with doing it at a young age, and now I love seeing the ladies happy when they walk out the door.”


While Kristal still models as a hobby and loves being in front of the camera her goals now include doing what makes sense versus just doing shoots to simply shoot, she has reached a level of exclusivity after years of hard work. Being Mexican-American Miss Solis has a curvy build with a pretty face photographers love to work with, her look is unique giving her the ability to be able to shoot with a diverse group of media outlets. Her resume includes JET Beauty of the Week, four times being published in Black Men’s magazine and Low Rider to name a few while also working with bigger name photographers like D.Brown and MJ Flix.

“I feel like nobody is really published anymore, so for me it really has to be worth it,” said Kristal.

A FLVR like Kristal’s is definitely respected, taking her own beauty to help empower other women by spending countless hours in the salon. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @KristalSolis and if you are in the Houston, Texas area you can book an appointment she put smiles on ladies faces one head of hair at a time.