By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model:  Kat David @universexpander

Fans of models always want to know what ethnicity a beautiful woman is, for Kat David she doesn’t exactly know since she was adopted at young age. However, one thing is for sure she is gorgeous and very talented.


Born and raised in Guam and also having spent a lot of time in England Miss David is now in Los Angeles full time exercising her talents at a high level for the last five years. She definitely has Pacific Islander roots, but bigger than a race she is an amazing human that paints portraits when being photographed.

“I don’t really enjoy modeling, it supplements my income,” Kat explained. “It would be stupid of me to not take full advantage of my youth.”


aking advantage is exactly what she is doing in her blossoming career where she is more than just a pretty face. Kat has a unique cross over ability that includes music production, modeling and acting, she even had a cameo in the box office hit Ted 2. A self described “control freak” she blames on her life as an only child where striving for perfection has become more than just a habit. In her career she has done projects with Ironfist Clothing, American Apparel, Ultimate Ears and Beats by Dre to name a few while currently working on a huge project she is not allowed to uncover, but promises her fan base will celebrate.

“I have some things in the works that will be very special,” Kat said. “I ultimately want to produce film. My original goal was to act, as a model you have a shelf life in front of the camera.”


Savvy business moves are big part of Kat David’s growth, she has a vision that expands past Instagram likes and fan fare her eyes are on the big picture knowing building relationships in business can help propel her next moves. Since her first shoot things went so well it created a domino effect into more opportunities where she uses momentum toward each project that presents itself.

“I am an easy going person, I am not a diva,” explained Kat. “I am nice, it builds down to who would want to spend 12 hours with you on set. I think I got very lucky when I first made a model mayhem account and Ironist reached me, I worked with a stylist that continued to book me after my first shoot.”