By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Janice Garay @JayFromHouston | Photos: Ruben Stunner @RubenStunner

She has always been into sports and staying fit, but Janice Garay never once thought she would be where she is today. Currently shaping her body for the prestigious Phil Heath classic, Miss Garay is motivated to the highest degree to turn heads on March 12th at the Dallas Convention center.

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“Apparently this is a big big show there will be 1000s of competitors,” Janice explained. “I am really excited and I feel confident in myself so I am really looking forward to it.”

The Texas native is Mexican American and was born in Brownsville and raised in Houston and attended Westfield High School where sports were big on her radar playing basketball and volleyball. Janice is five foot nine and is far from a typical model type, her build is athletic yet she still has a beautiful look which is getting her in front of a lot of cameras, she is tremendous shape for being a mother of one and credits her son for her work ethic. Needless to say the photos are looking great as you can see from various shoots with the H Town photo king Ruben Stunner.


“I do not consider myself a professional model, but I do want to do fitness modeling,” Janice said. “I have always had people tell me I should model growing up. Once I did my first shoot I fell and love and have been shooting ever since.”


Janice’s father was a big influence on her athletic abilities which strangely enough were not even about sports, it was hip hop dancing. Her dad was a breakdancer and that helped her get into the dancing sector growing up, those dance routines laid the foundation for her having great footwork and concentration helping her today. Those dance routine skills and discipline have directly transcend over into her rigorous training program of cardio, weight training and a super strict eating patterns as she prepares working out daily at the One 2 One studio in her hometown. Muscle Tech supplements are the brand of choice and she credits them for helping her along the fit journey. Currently she sits between 135 and 140 pounds and is rock solid, not only is she a pretty lady, but she might just whoop your tail if you get out of pocket.

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