By: Bryant B-Boy Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Heather Shanholtz @HShanholtz

Originally from Jarrettsville, Maryland, Heather Shanholtz grew up accustomed to the country life where farms and small town hobbies were the norm. All the way up in the north east corner of Maryland she has taken strides toward making her name world wide which is exactly the definition of her modeling journey today where now she is highly published and well traveled doing what she loves.

“There really isn’t much to do back home,” Heather said with a laugh. “It is a small farm town its pretty quiet.”

Since relocation to Miami and the Fort Lauderdale areas the big jump has given Miss Shanholtz the platform to work with many publications and brands. To this day she has shot with countless magazines including American Curves, Maxim, Playboy and Show and that is very much naming a few since the list would be novel size. What makes her appeal for brands is that she is so unique in her ability to cross over into several genres that include fitness, urban modeling, MMA and the car magazine/event scene.

“I have to say I am very diverse,” explained Heather. “Even when I was in SHOW magazine I was a rare look because so many girls that pose for them have these really curvy bodies and big butts. They tell me I have the ‘expandable booty’ because I know how to position my body to fit the particular shoot. For a more commercial shoot I can have a flatter looking butt, I know how to arch it right.”

Her ethnic background is German, Irish and American Indian giving her a beautiful blend that photographers love. She is a fun lady to shoot with always keeping the atmosphere relaxed and energetic, both being reasons why her resume is full with references through the roof. Often times when companies reach out for bookings they are already well aware of her reputation making getting new opportunities even easier these days.

“I have done it all I rarely send out my resume anymore,” Heather said. “I also do web design, I am a certified stunt woman, I have a ton of good ideas for companies and I am a spokesperson for Hubbell racing.”

Heather Shanholtz defines making her passion a job, she has been dedicated to her grind since day one and the game has treated her well as a result. Miss Shanholtz is also a specs model for while also founding the company The Golden Girls which is a trio of the hottest blondes in the industry that includes herself, Rali Ivanova and Holly Puska. Her company is soon to be expanding into a full blown modeling agency later this year that will aim to help manage models everywhere helping them to reach their full potential.  Working for No Limit models now, be on the look out for Heather’s latest moves by following her on Instagram and Twitter @HShanholtz she may be in a city near you very soon and is also in the development mode of launching her very own cell phone app.