By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Gia Von tate  @iamgiavontate

Being in Los Angeles for the last three years has given Gia Von tate the opportunity to extend her career and skill set on a foundation that had already been strong from her days back in her hometown of Boston, MA. Since relocating to the west coast Miss Von tate has enjoyed working in fashion, go go dancing, fire dancing and modeling all doing so with her own unique style.


“I grew up in Boston so our style was always in the middle of hip hop and punk rock for me anyways” Gia explained. “Finding your passion is something a lot of people struggle with, everyone is so conducive to working a nine to five it seems like.”

She came up within the lines of the streetwear world spending roughly seven years working for the streetwear online retail giant Karmaloop where she did it all from modeling brands to even hosting her own show on Karmaloop TV titled OMGia. Since then she has worked with many more brands including Asphalt Yacht Club, Popular Demand, Garb Store Case Study, Reebook to name a few. With it being early in 2016 still the future will include many more bookings based on her already thick resume.

“The streetwear community was truly the only community that allowed me to be myself,” Gia said.


Being 100 percent Dominican with a tight body sprinkled with ink on her arms, Gia gives the game a different look and style. Her dancing ability has also given her opportunities to work with several of the top Los Angeles area night clubs like Playhouse and Penthouse while also having traveled across the states with bookings in the past several years. She is also apart of the fire dancing community which includes skills based on juggling, fire painting, fan twirling and even eating flames, with no pun intended she definitely keeps it lit.

“I have been all over the states from Boston, New York, Miami, and St. Louis,” Gia explained. “It is a big part of my brand I love entertaining and dancing with fire. I love the fire community because it is all about teaching each other and not being so judgmental.

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She dances roughly 24 hours a week which is a big part of her fitness management while outside of the hustle and bustle Gia is like most young ladies she loves to watch movies, travel, go shopping and taking the occasional hike. Gia Von tate is a tastemaker and an artistic entrepreneur who does things her own way yet still know what success is like because of her self discipline and strong business mind. Make sure to follow this talented and gorgeous young woman on Instagram and Twitter @iamgiavontate while her snapchat is blowing up too @lovesexngia you don’t want to miss out on her adventures.

From the east coast to the west coast Gia Von tate is on a mission of doing what she loves for a career, she proves being yourself can go a long way.