By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Alex Lee @halfforeign | Model: Carlos Imani @carlosimani

Alex Lee is mixed with Russian and African American and is indeed a rare breed originally from Novosibirsk, Russia who now resides in the Pacific Northwest and is building a prominent modeling portfolio. From her look, style, hobbies and even accent she is certainly one of a kind that is growing in popularity within the modeling scene at a rapid rate.


“My American accent is on point, but if I am not paying attention sometimes I may slip up,” Alex said. “My friends like to make fun of me when I get mad or when I am not focusing because then it comes out. Oh and when I am angry it comes out, honestly a lot of the time I barley speak english.”




Being in front of the camera Alex relishes the tranquil moments of posing highlighted by her natural look and angelic face. She has a knack for catching the right angle and look when the photographer clicks photos, usually she nails poses slaying photo sessions. She continued that momentum just the same recently at an exclusive shoot for The FLVR with chief photographer Carlos Imani facilitating the moments behind the lens.


“I absolutely love shooting with Carlos,” Alex said. “Shooting with the FLVR was one of my best shooting experiences ever, they definitely know how to edit and keep images looking good. You guys know your stuff.”


However shooting is nothing new for Alex Lee who began her moments in modeling as a child back in her home country before moving to the states with her family.

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“I used to do catalogs when I was little, but we were doing things under the table and my mom did not want to do contracts,” Alex explained. “Ever since then I wanted to get back into it, I feel like if you can do something when you are a child you can also do it as a grown up.”


Adding to her resume is a work in progress that Alex enjoys bit by bit. She has shot with the likes of Rafael Clothing, MYL studios, Scale 24, Luxurious Symphony and Jersey Virago to name a few on the short list. Another notable yet underrated part of her arsenal is her ability to create on her own, she built her very own website by herself where she houses all her projects and shoots all in one place for the public to view. She strives to achieve greatness not only while on display to be seen, but also behind the scenes keep her well rounded.

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“I would rather learn how to do something than pay people to do it to be honest,” said Alex. “I love to read books.”


Miss Lee’s love for fiction includes her favorite stories of vampires, Deadpool, Harry Potter and Marvel Comics. Alex is a dreamer that enjoys fantasy and magical hominid story lines which is a pure reflection of her creative mind all of which carries over to her modeling ability. All original, all real, all the time; she even shared her struggle of battling with her weight while trying to stay fit for her modeling endeavors.


“I used to be really chubby then I started using these supplements from Cambodia and working out more,” Alex explained. “Once I started I got completely dedicated and I started eating a lot of salads it got real, I am a fat kid at heart, but I didn’t gain any weight back.” 


Make sure to check out her sight mentioned above and also her social media links @HalfForeign on Instagram and Twitter and her newly founded Snapchat that is starting to bubble @AlexDaFuck she is definitely fun to keep track of. From Russia with love, this lady has a whole new world of FLVR.

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