By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Eve BBK @EveBBK

Born in Pusan, South Korea Eve BBK ventured over to the states with her adopted American family at three months old where she moved to Kalispell, Montana eventually relocating to Philomath, Oregon in the third grade. It was a big culture shock being the only asian girl in her classrooms in those two states, but what separates Eve from most kids was her no fear attitude when moving into completely new environments. She has always been comfortable in her own skin and her own vision, as an adult Eve BBK continues to harbor that adventurous attitude recently starting her own clothing brand called Bomb Punani that she runs from her newest residency in Oahu, Hawaii.


“Some of my biggest fashion influences started when I was super young. I remember dressing up in elementary school being one of the few asians in Oregon and I was mostly influenced by Aaliyah,” Eve BBK explained. “I always wanted to look like her, I was also heavily inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons.”

As a FLVR of the Week member Eve has a different vibe since she doesn’t even consider herself a “model”. She is more of a personality that just so happens to be an excellent exotic dancer that also makes steady appearances apart of the import car show scene. Honestly, Eve is a straight baller with an exotic look that stands out. She cashed out on her first property in Las Vegas legally, by being one of the top dancers in Sin City. But Eve is no “dumb stripper” she is a business woman that knows the power of networking and has respect for the corporate sector as well as for other independent hustlers.

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