By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Elizabeth Velasquez @Elizabeth_Velasquez

At 22 years old Elizabeth Velasquez began a journey of modeling and has never looked back creating lots of great memories and income doing what she loves. Born and raised in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas she is Mexican American and has a resume of modeling, music videos, advertisements and acting. While several years have passed since she began her career she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


“My first big shoot was with Oye Magazine a big latino based magazine,” Elizabeth said. “But the biggest one for me was when I shot for a supplement called Herbal tropics for Essence Magazine in 2008. It was the issue with Obama on the cover when he was first elected I can only imagine how many people own that copy, I didn’t even know I was in it until I opened it up and saw a full page spread.”

The list is large for Elizabeth’s appearances and projects having shot for the likes of KING, Maxim, FHM, Hip Hop Weekly, Hennessy and so on with the last couple of years latching onto the television circuit with shows like Real Husbands of Hollywood and Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen. The transition was natural and easy for her to do acting because of her strong work ethic embracing the long hours on set. Later this winter she will also be debuting a short film titled Woman Scorned which will be headlining the San Diego Black Film Festival.


“I literally just jumped into acting,” Elizabeth added. “Woman Scorned will be my first leading role even though the movie is only about 15 minutes long.”

A natural athlete growing up she was big into sports at Banning High School where she ran track and was a shooting guard on the basketball team. She admits fitness is not a big part of her daily routine, but keeps her beautiful figure by eating right and exercising where she can. She’s a natural beast.


“I am a natural runner, I don’t prep my meals or anything.” explained Elizabeth. “I try not to eat after 6pm and I drink a lot of water.”

After graduating college at Long Beach State in Mathematics the day job grind wasn’t her idea of fun so she stuck with what she loved doing: being in front of the camera. A dream that provided dividends in the highly competitive Southern California market, but for Elizabeth Velasquez it has been no sweat. She knew she was onto something when she ended up on a billboard for DG Boxing near where she grew up and her phone blew up with friends and family asking if it was her in excitement.

Classic Music video Elizabeth is in for the song “Suavemente” by Nayer featuring Pitbull & Mohombi:


“I grew up in Long Beach so for me that was huge,” Elizabeth said. “It was a great feeling for sure.”

Following ones passion and making a living off it is a mission accomplished for Elizabeth Velasquez, now with her acting skills growing she admits she is just getting rolling on great things to come. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Elizabeth_Velasquez and her Facebook fan page you never where you may find her next, but she will be making moves with mad FLVR.