By: Bryant “B-Boy” Worthing @bboyworthing | Model: Charlie Pearl @MissCharliePearl | Photo by @MikeLeShotIt

The Southern California lifestyle that Charlie Pearl lives started when she was in diapers having been apart of the Hollywood scene as early as when her mother was carrying her around. Miss Pearl wears many hats that include dancing, rapping, modeling, acting and creative direction; all crafts she spends endless amounts of time on various sets and lots of flights. Her look is unique style and beautiful shape are highlighted by colorful tattoos, piercings and colorful hair, Charlie has a look that is often duplicated, but this is who she is naturally.


Photo by @MikeLeShotIt | @VanStyles

“I am definitely get grouped into that ‘alternative’ modeling category,” said Charlie. “But I really want people to respect my versatility. I got into modeling to express all of the different versions of me. I love everything from vintage pin-up, classic glamour and boudoir to punk/alternative/horror mixed with Harajuku and back to modern fashion editorial and lifestyle photography. To model these days you need to be able to do it all! I think I am a representation of what the future of modeling will look like.”

Charlie’s cutting edge style and spirit began as a child and by the time she attended Palisades high school, wedged between Santa Monica and Malibu, she was heavy into competitive cheerleading. Her leadership skills derived from her experience being the team captain gave her a good foundation for a strong willed work ethic. She also spent time coaching the sport giving her another perspective on achieving goals. The sport and entertainment hustle combined are a big reason why Charlie is growing in popularity with full slated schedule right now.


Photo by @MikeLeShotIt

“I have always been student of the game; my mom was an actress and model so I grew up around it,” Charlie explained. “My mom would dress me up and just take me to clubs in Hollywood like the Whiskey A Go Go or the Rainbow if she couldn’t find a sitter. She used to roll with Dre and even was in a Tupac video. That technically makes me a second generation video girl.” she laughed.

The resume on Charlie is very impressive having already traveled the world at a young age while she was the only female dancer for the mega group LMFAO. She has also graced several publications that include Urban Ink, SHOW and Skin Tight magazines while also modeling for clothing brands throughout the Los Angeles area like VIS/UAL and Popular Demand. The MTV hit show Wild N Out was also added to her resume for it’s seventh season where she was a “Wild N Out” girl, but her talents definitely made her more than just eye candy being a regular face on the hit show. “The entire cast of Wild N Out were super cool and fun to work with and MTV2 took good care of me! They invited me to do a couple of short interviews and behind the scenes stuff. I am still waiting on confirmation for next season, but I really do hope I get to Wild Out again!”


Photo by @VanStyles

“I remember being in Montreal at a festival while on tour with LMFAO performing on stage in front of 100,000 people and right at that moment I knew this is what I wanted to do forever. That feeling gave me life!” Charlie said. Her passion for performing was solidified during her time touring with LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew which pushed her to pursue her own music career.

As an artists Charlie is a member of the all female group B.O.Y. aka Better Off Young along with members AK Magik and Gsnaps. the group has two singles out that have been buzzing. They have released 2 tracks “Flexin’ On My Ex” and “Yoga” both of which have well produced music videos to boot that are still gaining views since the initial release. The group plans for releasing a lot more music as 2016 progresses.


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“I’ve always loved writing, creating and entertainment in general. Its in my blood.” Charlie added.

Make sure to follow Charlie Pearl on all fronts that include her personal Instagram @MissCharliePearl and on Twitter @MsCharliePearl as well as her snapchat @MsCharliePearl while her group B.O.Y. can be found @BetterOffYoung on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. She is definitely a baddy that presses the limits of creativity, when asked what her race is that attributes to her amazing look, the shocking answer was she didn’t really know.

“I actually don’t know for sure, but I am planning on getting a DNA test soon!” said Charlie. “My dad is white and my mom is mixed with more than a few things so I felt like growing up I never really had a culture to latch onto like my other friends. My mom and I just kind of made it up as we went along.”


Photo by @Kirk_Visuals

One thing Miss Pearl does know is pressing the limits of the modeling and entertainment world.